Education is at the heart of our foundation.

By assisting individuals at all levels of scholarship, we aim to facilitate a wide variety of research and education.

Our grants allow individuals to travel the world in search of understanding the rich history and culture of architecture, building science and technology, historic preservation, landscape architecture, and urban design.

They provide tenured professors the ability to hire students as research assistants and support the publication of journals and books dedicated to design.


For more than a decade, we have partnered with the schools of architecture at The University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University, and Louisiana State University. We are dedicated to advancing multi-disciplinary scholarship about the built environment.

Goldsmith Courtyard

The future of our professions and communities are dependent on advancing research dedicated to the built environment. Our grant and fellowship recipients dedicate more time to their education and scholarship, dive into architectural archives, pursue internships abroad, and enhance educational programming at home. 


Endowments and Fellowship Recipients

John H. Rigdon

2013, Community and Regional Planning

Elizabeth Frederick-Rothwell

2012, Historic Preservation

Nathaniel W. Muhler

2011, Architecture, First-Professional

Esra Gokcen Akdag

2012, Interior Design

Noah Larson Halbach

2011, Landscape Architecture, First Professional Degree
Endowments and Fellowship Recipients

Yan Lu

2001, Architecture, Post-Professional

James Richards

2000, Architecture, Post-Professional

Anand Raja Gopal

2001, Community and Regional Planning

John M. Devine II

2000, Community and Regional Planning

Jeremy John Beaudry

2000, Architectural Studies

Abby B. Curtin

2000, Architecture, First-Professional

Jennifer Lynn Terry

1999, Community and Regional Planning

Matthew D. Larsen

1999, Community and Regional Planning

Margaret B. Scarbrough

1998, Community and Regional Planning

Scott David Kubly

1998, Community and Regional Planning

Jeremy M. King

1998, Community and Regional Planning